Cutter & Peggy Sue at our club on our 25th wedding anniversary.

Postcard from Stevie, I love how he puts my address, "USA, Earth"

One of my old business cards

Montreux 1983

(C) Watt Casey

(C) Watt Casey

(C) Watt Casey

Unc John Turner, Bruce Bowland, Tommy Shannon, Robin Syler, Stevie

The first copy of Texas Flood - (c) Tim Quiring

(c) Charlotte A. Pickett

(c) Charlotte A. Pickett

A young Cee with Johnny Winter back stage in San Diego - Photo by Jill Olsen

Me, Lawrence Levy, and Donnie Opperman... Some fuckin' where...

Young Stevie, one year before I met him. Love Cee.

Triple Threat. When Stevie asked me to help, he now had some management with money from Fracis Carr and Manager Chesly Miligan. The Great Lou Ann Barton was moving in I believe to Jimmie Vaughan before the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Stevie, Chris, and Jackie Newhouse was now Double Trouble. When I got with them I knew it had to have a name. I convinced Stevie to place his name out front and the remaining Double Trouble. So now we had Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. Jackie later was not really wanting to hit the road too hard. Tommy was living in Houston. Every time we palyed Houston Tommy would sit in. It was obvious one more thang would have to change. We brought Tommy back to Austin. He lived with me and Peg for a while, then everything was fallin in line. Dang we were having fun, workin hard, but there was a huge light at the end of that tunnel, Love Cee.

Me and Doyle Bramhall at 2003 SRV Ride at Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth

10/3/04 - 10th SRV Ride & Concert - Stevie's 50th Birthday

My beautiful Mom at 15 years old. Ernesta Cortaza Brandenburg

Me in Temple just before my health went Crazy

Our Pride & Joy, Rockin' Robin at 2 years old

My daily male nurse aid Barron Johnson and Rockin' Robin at Thanksgiving 2012

Me and Robin at Christmas 2012

Mary Ann and Rockin' Robin

The best singer I ever heard, Bruce Bowland and Rockin' Robin

One of my favorite concepts made up by one guy who took the pic and another
guy who placed the wings on. Their names escape me now, at one time I was trying
to deal with them to use this as the cover photo of my book. Then Tim Quiring came
to me with the pic we used for the cover, I had thought that pic of me and Stevie had been lost.

Rockin' Robin all grown up. I love him more than I could ever say. Dad.

Nancy Nash, me, and Peggy Sue at the SRV Ride 2012

Everyone will know of this artist soon. "Gooding"

My Peggy Sue, Love her still. She gave me my most prized loved, our Rockin' Robin.

Michael Clay Smith, dear friend & photo editor for my book.
Without this man my book would have never been a book.

Leslie Prikryl & Shon Beall, my book editors.  They somehow turned my
300-page single paragraph and turned it into my book, can't thank y'all enough.

Chris Layton & James Arnold at 10th SRV Ride & Concert

Tommy Shannon & Unc John Turner at Dallas Guitar Show

3/16/06 - What a beautiful sight!

Y'all don't know how long I've waited for this moment

I'm officially an Author!

Whoa! Books have magically trapped me in the office.

Coming to your mailbox very soon!
I'm a thankin' y'all